Round tables meetings readings workshops moments of cultural and scientific study

The Section of the Word Festival focuses on different moments of dialogue, discussions and relationships. It provides a calendar full of moments of cultural and scientific study: round tables and conferences, readings and workshops.

It has as its leitmotiv the principle of interdisciplinarity and will be a place of confrontation between different scholars, acclaimed at national and international level and coming from different disciplinary fields – from philosophy, anthropology and physics, to archeology, architecture and art – with the realities of territory, with students and with those who want to deepen the proposed themes or   get involved on Time.

The workshops will involve local communities, students of all levels, researchers and scholars, and artists participating in the Festival, and will be experimental sites for investigating memory and the future.

Conferences and workshops will take place in various locations in Sermoneta and in the surrounding area.

And how do you live your time?

What is your thought on Time?

If you are a scholar, a student, a researcher or a time enthusiast, send us your text, we will publish it on these pages and you will also build the Festival of Time.

Or if you are interested in actively participating in round tables and workshops, contact us and let us know your thoughts on Time.

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