Festival del Tempo

The First Festival dedicated to Time

The Festival del Tempo is the first festival in Italy dedicated to Time, to our perception of the Past, Present and Future.

It will take place, for its first edition, in Sermoneta (LT) from 6 to 12 July 2020: seven days of WORDS, IMAGES, BODIES AND MOVEMENTS with meetings, readings, shows, artistic installations, laboratories and moments of cultural and scientific study for investigate our real perception of Time and Space.

The Time Festival is a place to build thoughts, generate art, live time.

The Festival of Time makes the Past contemporary, updating it in the Present and addresses the Future with all its innovations.


Discover it and build it with US.

A festival for everyone
Young people and the world of school Families Bodies, Institutions, Foundations Researchers and scholars, Local businesses and companies operating throughout Italy

An interdisciplinary and widespread festival
Comparative and interactive moments Top Scientist and Artist.
A journey into the past, present and future

Why the Festival of Time in Sermoneta

Sermoneta is the symbol of thousands of realities of which the national territory is scattered: to Italy, and therefore to all of us, belongs a stratified past, a present in the making and a future in the name of innovation.

The Festival del Tempo is, therefore, a format for all US, for all Italian cities: it can be exported and become a widespread Festival and a regular appointment in the calendar of major national and European cultural events.

If you are interested in exporting the Festival to your city, contact us and we will build the Festival of Time together.



  • If you are a SCHOLAR a STUDENT, a RESEARCHER or a PASSIONATE about time, send us your writing, we will publish it on these pages and you will also build the Festival of Time. Or if you are interested in ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING in round tables and workshops, contact us and let us know your thoughts on Time.


  • If you are an ARTIST go to the Call4artist Section or contact us and propose your project on Time for the Collateral Events Section.


  • If you are a COMPANY or PRIVATE OR PUBLIC BODY of any nature and you want to propose collaborations and projects, go to the Partner Section, contact us and we will build the Festival of Time together.


  • If you want to build the Festival of Time as a VOLUNTEER, go to the Volunteers Section and find out how to build the Festival of Time with us


The Festival of Time adheres to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 UN objectives, in particular it works on the objectives: 8. decent work and economic growth 9. businesses, innovation and infrastructure 11. sustainable cities and communities.

The Festival del Tempo, with the artistic direction of Roberta Melasecca and the production of Deal Art Platform, is promoted by Associazione ONLUS “Centro d’Arte e Cultura di Sermoneta”.

“Each personal and collective story is shaped by signs and trails that unfold in a constantly evolving present and that constitute our DNA, our profound being in time and space, our permanence in places through successive stratifications. We build urban and human landscapes, we adapt to them, we transform and protect them, we dig and reconstruct, we feed on narratives that flow continuously into objects and actions. We collect memories and use them to predict and generate the future, desiring a sort of timelessness. Time rests on places as a completely transparent veil, which reveals hidden desires, shadows, distant and near images, coinciding visions of reality where past, present and future chase each other.” (Roberta Melasecca) 

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